Top-notch anti-vibration rubber buffer solutions in Australia

Delivering the promise of the highest standards, quality, and reliability

The need for safety

Working in industries such as construction, energy or mechanical works comes with their own share of occupational hazards. It takes just a moment for accidents to happen and as such, the safety of all workmen is an absolute priority. 

The many properties of rubber make it an ideal material to be used in safety products. Mackay recognises this aspect and is a premier manufacturer and supplier of best-in-industry rubber safety products that come with superior quality and 100% reliability at all times. 

Mackay Australia: Premier rubber product manufacturers and suppliers in Australia

Mackay Australia Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned private company.

With nearly nine decades of rich experience, Mackay has grown to become a significant manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products.

Our products service the Automotive, Defence, Transport, Rail, Marine, Mining, Construction, and Industrial markets globally.

Mackay Safety Products – The Benchmark of Quality 

There is nothing more important than safety in any workplace and Mackay delivers the best rubber safety products that any industry could ask for. 

We set our standards through the following:

  • The highest quality of rubber that ensures top-notch performance always

  • Designed to be extremely durable in all practical situations

  • Excellent resistance against fire, chemicals, pressure, and high temperature

  • A perfect blend of affordability and quality

  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of rubber products



Flexi-Straps Isolators

High-quality rubber straps and fasteners that protect your load without any flap shifting or sagging.

Its notable features include:
  • Reinforced ends - The hooks will not pull out
  • Quick on/off-hook - Eliminate rope tying
  • Plastic coated hooks - Does not mark paintwork
  • Non-staining, long-life rubber - Weather-resistant compound
wheel chocks

Conical Buffers

Our conical buffer Australia supply provides effective control of vibrations in machines and mechanical noise.
At Mackay, we make inexpensive conical buffers that are adept at controlling impact and torque reaction loads.

Bonded Rubber Buffers

Being the go-to bonded rubber buffers suppliers in Australia makes it a responsibility for Mackay Consolidated to create bonded rubber buffers that fit in seamlessly and assist in the economic design of equipment by virtue of reduced shock transmission. A prime application of our bonded rubber buffers is in vehicle suspension systems to aid in effective stiffing under increasing loads. First choose the best cushion for the application and then choose the desired stud combination.

Wheel Chocks | Docking Buffer | Sling Protector

Mackay's tough ribbed rubber construction in their rubber wheel chocks provides a firm grip on almost any surface and prevents tires from rolling.

DOCKING BUFFER The snubber design has an important advantage. During loading the rubber within the chain is put into compression, when the load is released the rubber springs back and the unit returns to it’s normal shape. It consists of an endless circle of chain encased in a solid block of rubber. When a sudden impact or tension is applied, the chain expands and the shock is absorbed by the rubber.

Be sure chain assemblies can absorb heavy shock loads caused by impact and tension. Specify the Mackay Rubber Snubber, a unique device that helps eliminate chain breakage and damage to cargo.


Of shock loads or of steady tension. That is the Mackay Rubber Snubber. Simple, Positive, Maintenance Free; with over 25mm of controlled tension, using a single compact light unit


Include the Mackay Rubber Snubber in your tie-down, hoisting, or towing chain system. The cushioning of rubber and the toughness of the Herc-Alloy Steel Chain ensures safety.

A textile reinforced fully vulcanised high grade cut and abrasion resistant rubber sling and goods protector. Suits webbing up to 90mm wide.