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A and U Hose Bends

Universal Applications for Water Coolant, Low- Pressure Fuel & Oil and EFV & PCV
Covers majority of small-bore market, Reduced Inventory
Mackay Universal Small Bore “Z” hose ™ bends, are specially designed to provide the largest
small-bore application coverage from a few part numbers.
Mackay Z Bend hoses are Flexible through a wide range of angles and planes.

Universal Applications for Water / Coolant
Coolant Hose UHB##
Suitable for plain water and automotive coolant applications.
Designed for long service life with resistance to heat, ozone and electrochemical degradation.
6mm to 19mm ID Exceed Heater Hose Specification SAE J20R3 Type EC Class D-1 and D-2.
25mm ID and larger Exceed Radiator Hose specification SAE J20R4 Type EC Class D-1 and Class D-2

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