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Immaculate Centre Fixing Isolators in Australia

Delivering the promise of the highest standards, quality, and reliability

What is the centre fixing isolators all about?

Equipping flange isolators with the ability to orient themselves aptly with the centre of gravity of the mechanical system gives a whole range of stability in both shear and compression characteristics, regardless of the frequency.

At Mackay, we put every effort in excelling at detail by inculcating an accurate centre of gravity characteristics into the flange isolators system.

Mackay Australia: Premier rubber product manufacturers and suppliers in Australia

Mackay Australia is a 100% Australian owned private company.

With nearly nine decades of rich experience, Mackay has grown to become a significant manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products.

Our products service the Automotive, Defence, Transport, Rail, Marine, Mining, Construction, and Industrial markets globally.

Mackay Centre Fixing Isolators – The Benchmark of Quality

Mackay includes high performance and precision into its centre fixing isolators. Our design features reflect into the final product with absolutely no room for error and dysfunction.

We set our standards through the following:

  • Vibration isolators that offer good isolation against structural noises

  • Hassle-free fitting into the mechanical system

  • Neoprene resistance against oils and solvents

  • Effective in arresting both vibrational energies and mechanical noise

  • A perfect blend of affordability and quality

  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of rubber products

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