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Pilot Operation Control Valves

Dorot Control Valves is a world leader in the development and supply of sustainable technologies and products for control and optimization of water systems. Established in 1946, Dorot has a long tradition of providing innovative products and solutions for various applications in water and other fluid systems. With a diversified product line of advanced hydraulic control valves and air release and vacuum break valves, Dorot offers solutions for applications in: Waterworks Distribution Wastewater and Effluent Disposal Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation Mining Firefighting Marine Other Industrial Applications Dorot Control Valves range of control valve products are divided into four groups which includes the 100, 300, and 500 series metal body control valves as well as a range of plastic body control valves. Dorot Control Valves also manufacture a range of Dorot air release and vacuum break valves designed to eliminate water hammer, increase water flow in pipelines and pipeline systems. Dorot air release valves also improve pump performance by releasing air entrapment that may be present in suction lines and valve manifolds. Derwent Industries are stockist of a large variety of Dorot Control Valves & Dorot Air Valves.

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