Mining & Quarries - Chute Protection


KEEBLOK™ “chocky bar and buttons” protects high wearing areas against corrosion and abrasion.

Protects valuable plant

Superior Keech grade steel

Manufactured from 27% chrome iron


KEEBLOK™ “chocky bar and buttons” are designed to provide protection against corrosion and abrasion of high wearing areas while reducing maintenance time and cost.

Suitable for bucket and fixed plant such as chute liners, KEEBLOK™ can be formed and welded onto any flat or curved surface.

KEEBLOK™ is manufactured from 27 per cent chrome iron, metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The chrome iron provides excellent abrasion protection for buckets and fixed plant, while the mild steel ensures the KEEBLOK™ can be easily welded.

Keech KEEBLOK™ is available in six standard sizes. Custom sizes are available on enquiry.

Why choose KEEBLOK™?

KB150401504037650/700 HB
KB150751507537650/700 HB
KB240402004023650/700 HB
KB240502005023650/700 HB
KB240652406523650/700 HB

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