Flow Control - IQ3

IQ3 – Electric Actuators

Ensuring correct configuration and keeping it secure is the bedrock of reliable operation.

All IQ actuators are set up non-intrusively using a hand-held setting tool. Torque levels, position limits, control ad indication functions can all be accessed using our intrinsically safe, wireless hand-held setting tool.


Compatible with existing infa red IQ setting tools, next-generation IQ now can operate using its partner Bluetooth® Setting Tool. Wireless connectivity allows easier use without direct-line of sight and over greater distances, however security has to match. This is achieved by initial “pairing” of tool and actuator being carried out by a single infa-red transaction after which Bluetooth wireless connection automatically takes over, As before, configuration changes are password protected.

Next-generation IQ actuators benefit from further advances in human interface design. In addition to a configurable, informationrich display, they offer a highly intuitive menu system for commissioning, updates and diagnostics.

IQ actuators can be interrogated and set even when mains power is not connected; the actuator can be configured and interrogated by using power from its indication battery.