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EFMB1/A/B-H Series Integral Type Small Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

EOM series electric actuator is a kind of motor rotation force through multistage reduction gear, worm gear and other mechanisms, and finally through the output shaft,in the form of rotation 90° to switch the valve device, mainly drive and control the Angle travel valve opening, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve, etc.Valve-like applications. EOM integration type torque range is 35-20000N.m. EOM series conventional electric actuator no clutch operation, durable,the stroke is stable and reliable, effectively improving the transfer efficiency.

Material of Actuator BodyAluminum Alloy
Control ModeOn-off Type & Modulating Type
Torque Range35-80N.m
Running Time11-22s
Applicable Voltage1 phase: AC/DC24V / AC110V / AC220V / AC230V /AC240V
Ambient Temperature-25°C…..70 °C; Optional: -40°C…..60 °C
Anti-vibration LevelJB/T8219
Noise LevelLess than 75 dB within 1m
Ingress ProtectionIP67, optional: IP68
Connection SizeISO5211
Motor SpecificationsClass F, with thermal protector up to +135°C(+275°F); Optional : Class H
Working SystemOn-off Type: S2-15 min, no more than 600 times per hour start Modulating Type: S4-50% up to 600 times per hour start; Optional:  1200 times per hour
On/off Type SignalInput Signal: AC/DC 24 input control or AC 110/220v input control
Signal Feedback:
1. Close the valve contact
2. Open the valve contact
3. Optional: Closing torque signal contact Local/remote contacts
4. Integrated fault contact 4~20mA to send.
Malfunction Feedback: Integrated fault alarm; Motor overheating;
Optional: Undercurrent protection contact
Modulating Type Signal

Input Signal: 4-20mA; 0-10V: 2-10V
Input impedance: 250Ω (4-20mA)
Output signal: 4-20mA; 0-10V: 2-10V
Output impedance: ≤ 750Ω (4-20mA) Repeatability and linearity within ±1% of full valve stroke
Signal Reverse: Support
Loss Signal Mode Setting: Support
Dead Zone: ≤2.5%

Indication3D opening indicator
Other Function

1. Phrase correction (3-phase power supply only)
2. Torque protection
3. Motor overheat protection
4. Moisture – resistant heaters (anti-moisture device)

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