Flow Control - Dismantling Joints

Dismantling Joints

Derwent Industries AFD10 and AFD20 dismantling joints are double flanged that provides easy installation and disassembly of flanged pipe and associated equipment including valves, meters and pumps. The AFD10 and AFD20 are widely used for a variety of applications in the water and waste water sectors, mining and industrial sectors. The operating principle behind the AFD10 and AFD20 is that the centre sealing flange is drawn closer to the mating flange, thereby compressing the rubber sealing ring to achieve a complete seal. So simple, yet so efficient and practical. The AFD10 features a single tie rod connecting all three flanges. The AFD20 features an end-to-end tie rod and a separate tie rod for the sealing flange. It is recommended to check with your local authority to confirm which series is permitted for your application.

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