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Diaphragm Valves

Derwent Industries high quality and reliable thermoplastic diaphragm valves will handle dirty and abrasive fluids. Derwent Industries AVFI diaphragm valves includes a manual rang and a pneumatic or electric actuated range. AVFI diaphragm valves are available in sizes from DN 10 (10 mm) to DN 100 (100 mm) and come with spigot weld ends, EPDM diaphragms are standard. Derwent Industries AVFI thermostatic diaphragm valves are available in different plastic body material such as U-PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, PP and seat materials such as EPDM, Viton, PTFE and FPM, designed to suit many chemical application. Refer to appropriate data sheet for full details on Derwent Industries diaphragm valves.

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