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BRB Flange Isolators

The BRB type mounts are anti-vibration elements which work the rubber in shear and compression. Their tall height profiles produce large deflections, low natural frequencies, and excellent vibration isolation results.

This range of mounts is suitable for applications where high vibration isolation in the 85-95% range is a priority.

The technical features of the BRB flanged isolator include the following:

  • The top metal hood protects the rubber from the Ozone, UV rays, diesel, or oils which damage the rubber.
  • The metal parts have a suitable anticorrosive treatment for outdoor applications.
  • They have an interlocking metal component that provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits the ascending vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shocks during motion.
  • The mounts are clearly identified, as the bases are engraved with the type and hardness, which makes it possible to easily recognise the piece even after several years of use.
  • The hood has a cross stamped on the top, which enhances its rigidity on mobile applications and also improves the evacuation of oils or liquids that precipitate onto it.

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