Installation Instructions

Derwent Industries repair clamps for Gal and Copper pipes are manufactured to enable ease of installation. For use on Water, wastewater and irrigation pipes.

The Gal and Copper clamps offer a simple quick repair option for pipes.


  • Available in 75 and 150mm wide options (Depending on style)
  • 316SS Body for superior corrosion protection
  • 316SS Bolt, Nut and Washer,
  • FBE Coated Ductile Iron Lugs
  • Max Operating Pressure 1600kPa

Installation Instructions.

  • Step 1:

    • ​Clean the surface of the pipe where repair is required.

    • Any contamination may prevent full seal.

  • Step 2:​

    • Align the clamp next to the pipe so that the centre of the clamp aligns with the damage. Using a marking pen or another form of marking option, mark each edge of the clamp on the pipe. This will allow you to centre the damage to the clamp in Step 5.​

  • Step 3:

    • ​Loosen the nut/s allowing you to disengage the bolt from the lug, this will allow the clamp to open.

  • Step 4:

    • ​Slide the cartridge out if full circle clamp

      • Gal Pin Hole Clamps, simply open​

  • Step 5:

    • For full circle clamps open the sleeve allowing you to slide over the pipe​

    • Ensure that the split in the rubber sleeve is positioned on the opposite side of the pipe to the damaged section / hole.​​

    • Slide the clamp along the pipe so witness marks show either end.

      • This ensures damage is centralised to the clamp length​.

  • Step 6

    • Put the external Stainless cover back over the sleeve and then reengage the bolt into the lug.​

  • Step 7

    • Tension the clamp​