Rubber and rubber and metal bonded products manufacturer including design, development, manufacture, durability testing and through-life support.


Mackay is a major supplier of a diverse range of engineered rubber and bonded metal/rubber & composite products for the automotive, mining, rail, construction and industrial markets. Our products are exported worldwide.

Our technical expertise, customer-responsive service and commitment to continuous improvement ensure that Mackay’s reputation for reliable high-quality products will continue.

Design and development of optimal engineered rubber product solutions requires advanced design technologies and skills, breadth and depth of expertise, advanced rubber development expertise, and a variety of manufacturing processes.

Providing Australian industry with the most extensive range of Vibration Isolators and Machinery Mounts, combined with wide availability through an extensive network of distributors, Mackay’s standard products range is the first choice for both original equipment and replacement. From mounting delicate electronic equipment to very large engine sets, Mackay has a standard mount to suit the application.


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Mackay manufactures a wide range of products for Mining. Our mining products are typically made to custom design to meet specific applications and technical requirements where the commonly available products will not meet expectations.

Products developed and manufactured by Mackay include, but are not limited to:

  • Screen cloth moulded sheet to 100mm
  • Steel-backed rubber panels to 100mm
  • Composite ceramic-rubber-steel modules
  • FRAS rubber moulded sheet in chloroprene and non-halogen compounds
  • Low-friction self-lubricating moulded sheets
  • Fluoro-elastomer and HDPE bonded to moulded sheets
  • High temperature moulded sheets
  • Heavy-duty Grizzly springs
  • Vibrating-screen rubber springs
  • Curved trammel screens


The Armour Track Pad is based on more than three decades of designing and manufacturing high wear resistant materials for harsh military applications.

We have enhanced the wear characteristics further by developing a proprietary blend of next generation composite materials to create a perfect balance of rubbery properties and increased wear resistance.

  • Next generation ArmourTec rubber
  • Superior resistance to abrasion wear
  • Exceptional resistance to crack and tear Initiation and propagation
  • Most advanced track pads ever
  • 3X  the life of Standard pads
  •  Lower ownership costs


Mackay manufactures a wide range of products for Marine applications. Solutions provided to Marine customers are both custom and standard products.

Mackay’s range of products supplied to the Marine Industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Hull to superstructure mounts used for fast-ferries up to more than 125m; offshore wind-farm maintenance vessels; tugs and vessels which require vibration isolation of passenger and crew accommodation.

  • Hull to superstructure sealing strips used in conjunction with resiliently isolated superstructures.

  • Recreational vessel engine and ancillary equipment resilient mounts.

  • FRAS rubber moulded mats in non-halogen compounds for enclosed areas.

  • Mechanically galvanized and stainless steel mounts and vibration isolators with superior corrosion resistance.


Mackay is a major global supplier of high performance gaskets for packaging solutions in technically demanding applications.

Quality Materials

Mackay gaskets are predominantly produced from black or white EPDM rubber in an expanded closed cell form. This combination of premium, uniquely blended materials and closed cell configuration results in superior sealing performance with excellent chemical resistance and ageing properties. Mackay gaskets are designed for hazardous material applications, having proven conformance with international standards.

Vulcanised Joints

A key feature of Mackay’s gaskets is the vulcanised joint. Unlike rigid glued joints, vulcanised connections are totally flexible, retaining the properties of the parent material, thereby eliminating a significant potential for leakage.

Design Capability

Mackay is unrivalled in the field of intricate gasket profiles design. Application-specific profilesprovide improved sealing and make fitment easier. Self-securing features can be incorporated intothe profile, eliminating the need for gluing the gasket into the lid.

OEM/ Custom Solution

Mackay offers a unique opportunity to customers through vertical integration of all aspects of creating and supplying solutions for our customers. From design to delivery of finished product all stags are undertaken in-house.

Our CAE, Nata Accredited Laboratory, compound mixing facility, in-house tool design and variety of rubber manufacturing processes allows Mackay to optimise our customer solutions.

A wide variety of manufacturing processes are employed by Mackay.

  • Compression and compression-transfer moulding up to 1,000 tonne on modern PLC controlled presses.

  • Large platen area presses up to 1,000 tonne and 2440 x 1220 platen area.

  • Injection moulding.

  • Extrusion.

  • Calendaring.

  • Reinforced low pressure hose manufacture with autoclave curing of custom shaped hoses to 63mm

  • Hand-building of specialist bellows and fabric reinforced bladders.

  • Extrusion/hand-fabrication of large door seals.

  • Sponge extrusion and jointing of sponge seals for the packaging industry

Rubber bonding to metals, plastics, ceramics and fibre-composite materials allows development of solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.



  • Load capacity from 1.25kg to 30,000kg.
  • Stationary or mobile applications.
  • Free standing or fully bolted.
  • Chassis recessed or chassis bolt on.
  • Vibration isolation or compliant connection.
  • Technical Services: a key solution provider encompassing; mathematical modelling and product development for new and problematic components.
  • Expert in rubber compound development tailored to specific applications and requirements.
  • Our engineers work closely with customers to fully understand critical issues to achieve a workable and lasting solution.
  • Management and protection of IP (customer and Mackay).
  • Widest range of locally available off-the-shelf vibration and noise isolators and engine mounts, available worldwide through global distribution network.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable technical support available for the simplest to complex applications.

Quality Approvals

  • AS/NZS 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NATA approvedapproved laboratory)
  • AS/NZS ISO140001:2015
  • AS ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (NATA accredited laboratory


Load capacity from 1.25kg to 30,000kg


Standard range of isolators are available through all major industrial distributors and a widely dispersed network of smaller industrial distributors Australia wide.

  •  Custom moulded solutions are provided to:
    • Mineral processing and quarries
    • Marine and shipbuilding
    • Rail rollingstock OEM and maintenance
    • Pump manufacturers
    • Industrial equipment manufacturers
    • Civil and Civic construction and infrastructure
    • Earth moving equipment

Mackay’s range of stocked Vibration Isolators and Motor Mounts covers nearly every application likely to encountered.

From low load isolators to over 17,000kg, we will have a mount to meet your application. Our range has been developed during the over 50 years of supplying vibration isolators to Industry as well as the Automotive Industry. Mackay distribution is Australia-wide and international.

Mackay is unique in Australia supplying vibration isolators as we also design and manufacture vibration isolators; we understand the applications and can offer detailed recommendations regarding isolator choices. Our large range and product support is unmatched.