Design testing

On site metallurgical control is carried out on each metal batch for ferrous metals.

Patternmaking facilities are available on site.



Tooling, Material Selection and Design Component

From simple stress calculations, through to vibration analysis or complete fatigue life design, Mackay are leaders in all types of rubber design.  With over a quarter of a century of expertise in finite element analysis, we can find the right solution to your problem whether it’s off the shelf or a completely new design.


In addition, our advanced manufacturing facility at Keech 3D is equipped with the world’s most powerful 3D printer which uses fused deposition modelling (FDM) methods to create concept models and functional prototypes for your custom castings.

Part of the Keech group, Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing uses digital manufacturing to make production and prototyping fast and affordable. Our flexible and durable production-grade thermoplastics produce functional commercial parts able to withstand temperatures up to 200°C and resist mild solvents and petroleum-based liquids, all while maintaining accuracy equal to or greater than +/- 0.005mm.

Keech 3D also works in reverse. Our fully automated contact scanning system for reverse engineering creates digital representations of existing parts, allowing us to produce exact duplicates of the original. Our CAD department utilises sophisticated 3D Modelling Software coupled with extensive FEA analysis for the production of complex parts and products.