Est. 1840 - Derwent Foundry Hobart

Derwent Industries is a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

1986 - Derwent Pipelines


Montpelier Foundry, merges with Derwent Foundry to form Derwent Pipelines.

2019 - Derwent Clamps & Couplings joined the Derwent Group


Established in Wodonga – North East Victoria. 316 Stainless Steel Clamps and Couplings trade under the Kawandah logo

2022 - ABGF joined Derwent


Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF) joined Derwent as a minority shareholder.

2022 - Bendigo Foundry, Victoria joined the Derwent Group

The addition of the Bendigo site (Formerly KEECH Casting) highlights Derwent’s commitment to Australian manufacturing 

2023 - Mackay Australia joined the Derwent Group

Mackay commenced operations in 1932 as a small but efficient supplier of OEM automotive parts.

2023 - Heinehard joined the Derwent Group


Established in 1886 John Heine & Son, home of the Heinehard brand is a ferrous foundry and machine shop.

2023 - AVFI joined the Derwent Group

Since 1995, AVFI has manufactured and imported products that meet Australian Standards, Watermark, WSSA Standards or where none exist British Standards or ISO Standards.