AVFI Acquisition

We are proud to announce that AVFI will be joining the Derwent Industries Group. The AVFI business will continue to trade as AVFI adding another level of product capabilities for the support of all our clients.

Since 1995, AVFI has manufactured and imported products that meet Australian Standards, Watermark, WSSA Standards or where none exist British Standards or ISO Standards. AVFI’s professional team, provides superior services and cost-effective valve solutions for their clients.

AVFI’s manufacturing and warehouse facilities will continue to provide our clients with product solutions. With a dedicated Engineering and support team AVFI offers the following exceptional value-added services:

  • Modifications to existing products to suit client’s specification.
  • Transform valves to suit many applications.
  • Product refinement (add or change product parts to suit an application).
  • As one of the largest stockists of electric and pneumatic actuators, AVFI’s trained team builds actuated valves to client’s requirements.

This announcement comes just months after we expanded our manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of Mackay Rubber, a move that has expanded our ability to provide additional Australian-made products to critical sectors, such as Mining, Defence, Rail and Automotive.

 For further information on AVFI, please visit their website: www.AVFI.com.au

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