ABGF invests in Derwent Growth

Derwent is excited to announce the investment in its growth via the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF). ABGF has joined Derwent as a minority shareholder, investing $15 million into the Derwent Group.

​The investment will support:

  • Further advancements in market-leading robotics, automated equipment and increased sustainability measures. For example: the company’s Wodonga site, which is currently a highly automated facility, is set to become a state-of-the-art facility for stainless steel clamps and couplings.
  • The expansion of the manufacturing sites in Hobart and Bendigo.
  • Further opportunities for regional jobs across the Hobart, Wodonga and Bendigo manufacturing facilities – an estimated 18 per cent increase in jobs across these sites over the next three years.

About ABGF

ABGF was founded with an initial capital of $540 million as a public-private partnership between the Federal Government and six leading banks. The Fund operates commercially and makes investment decisions independently of its shareholders.

ABGF was set up to act as a catalyst for growth in the Australian SME sector by connecting founders and entrepreneurs to the capital, expertise, and wider networks they need to succeed.

The Fund bridges the gap between late-stage venture capital and private equity. It provides minority-only, patient growth capital that allows owners and founders to retain control of what they’ve built while leveraging the Fund’s capital and expertise in achieving their growth aspirations.

ABGF provides a proven investment model that has generated hundreds of successful growth outcomes for businesses in the UK and Canada.

​For further information on this investment announcement go to: Derwent Industries- ABGF

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