Derwent Industries distribute the full range of WANG Components 316 Stainless Steel Clamps.

316 - Stainless Steel Clamps:
Each Clamp fits a number of pipe types and diameters within its range.
Can be used for permanent repair, joining or offtakes with BSP tapped, spigot and flanged clamps.
Able to adapt to pipe irregularities of size or ovality.
Clamps can be individually manufactured to suit most requirements.
No need for complete line shutdown and possible contamination, as Clamps can be installed on a live or dead main with minimal or no pipeline downtime.
Ideal for live under pressure tapping, new developments, fire services, etc.
Economical, reliable and permanent solution for pipe repairs both above and below ground.

Clamp Range Includes:

Repair Clamps
Tapped Off-Take's
Flanged Off-Take's
Tapping Saddles
Sewer OB Junctions
KWIK REpair Clamps

For additional information on the range of 316 Stainless Steel Clamps available from Derwent Industries please contact Derwent Industries directly.