Bends - Ductile Iron
Derwent Industries manufacture and distribute Ductile Iron Bends in sizes from 80mm - 750mm (Depending on item selected). Bends are manufactured in standard 11 1/4, 22.5, 45 and 90 degree, though Derwent can manufacture other required angles also across the range. Bend configurations include:

Socketed Bends
Flanged Bends
Spigot Bends
Socket - Flanged Bends
Socket - Spigot Bends
Socket - Flanged Bends
(Standard, Duckfoot, Washout and Hydrant configurations)
Flanged - Spigot Bends

Material: Ductile Iron
Size Range: DN 80 - DN 750 (depending on item selected)
Coating: Black Cement Lined or Rilsan/Nylon 11
Standards: AS/NZS 2280
Certification: Product License No. 1989

For additional information on the range of Ductile Iron Bends available from Derwent Industries, please contact Derwent Industries directly. Contact Us